Monday, February 15, 2010

The Foolish Traveler

The story of the foolish traveler speaks to me on a personal level, since in the past I have been exactly this person portrayed here.  I didn't realize that just because I am good, and decent and kind, that others are not necessarily the same way.  I was cheated, lied to, manipulated, and abused.

Now, in my 30th year, I've faced the fact that evil exists as surely as good does, and while I still go to great lengths to be kind to those who cross my path, I've learned to be a little selfish, and not to take everyone at face-value.

I've learned to let go of those past abuses, and I even accept them as part of life's lessons.  This is the journey I must make, and I will not allow my turbulent past to influence my bright future.  I will go forth to shine my light wherever I may be.